How many seasons did it take for Timmons to be noticed and still did not make the pro bowl ? Making the pro bwl is nice but it doesn't always tell the truth about a player. A player could have one gret season maybe two or one great backed up with some nice seasons and he rides that reputation to the pro bowl for years to come.
I always thought Carnell Lake in the day deserved more pro bowl selections and Levon Kirkland too. Those two guys were way better than Timmons. Some people can't understand the hate fest towards Timmos and I can't understand the love fest for him. The guy at best is a utility player. Doesn't do anything extremely well but, hides himself well enough for some not to notice he is an over paid second stringer.
Congradulatios, all you with the rose colored glasses can be proud he had three or four good plays last season. It only took a number one pick, two big dollar contracts.