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Thread: good Timmons article.

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    b, bu, but... Timmons didnt show up when I wanted him to and that proves he is average.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelsnis View Post
    This is pretty ridiculous. If you can't see that Timmons was the best defensive player on the team this past season and far and away the Steelers best linebacker, then you have blinders on.

    Lets ask Bouchette. Here he is talking about the underwhelming performances of some Steelers lb's is season:

    "First, Lawrence Timmons must be excused from that discussion. Timmons had the best season of his six-year career, was the unofficial MVP of the defense and should have made his first Pro Bowl.
    Playing the mack inside linebacker with more roaming duties, Timmons was dominant. He led the Steelers with 134 tackles, 20 more than buck inside linebacker Larry Foote, who was second (according to the coaches count). Timmons tied for the team lead with six sacks, led with three interceptions, had 19 quarterback pressures, forced two fumbles and recovered one.

    Timmons was everything the Steelers asked him to be when they drafted him No. 1 in 2007. He's only 26 and he's under contract for the next four years."

    Read more: [URL][/URL]
    $$$$$ Some fans can have their sliding scale for Timmons that just moves the bar everytime he does well so he never meets their "standard" but he is by far the best player on our defense and has been Top 3 for about three years now.

    Instead of trying to downplay Timmons' success because they turned on him early with unrealistic expectations and put too much of their nonsense on blogs, fans should be focusing on how Harrison, Woordley and to a lesser extent Troy P. have let down this team the past two years. Timmons is now the star of the here and now and the future and those three players are living on past glories.
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