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The only can't-miss draft prospect of the three you listed is DeCastro. It's a bit revisionist to say either of the other two were can't miss. Sweed was highly touted going into his last year in college. By time draft rolled around, the people in the know didn't consider him first-round material at all (liken it to that Alshon Jeffery kid this last year). As for Mendenhall, he is/was a good RB prospect, no less-no more. It's not as if Trent Richardson or someone fell to us at 23 or whatever it was (NO ONE had Mendenhall in Top 10, for example). Mendenhall is a Running Back. A Running Back in this day/age, has the potential to fall down farther than one might think. If you think of it in that way, he was picked right around where he should've been.

However with DeCastro, he is can't miss. I liken this pick to picks like Polamalu, Heath Miller, or Hampton. Guys who played undervalued positions at the time, and slid as a result. Barring injuries (which as far as I can remember, he was a very durable college player), he will be a rock for us for ten years (I'm knocking on wood as I type).
Honestly, I'd prefer we would have draft Chris Johnson, Duane Brown, Forte, Ray Rice, Brandon Flowers, Jordy Nelson, Curtis Loften or Tracy Porter - all of whom were taken after our Spindenhall pick. As far as missing on a high RB pick, Pgh has done a lot of that, from Greg Hawthorn to Walter Abercrombie to Tim Worly to Bong Morris to now this bust.

As far as DeCastro being can't miss, he hasn't really shown all that much even when he was healthy. I pray that changes, but for now, he hasn't shown any superior play.