....from this year's draft, as I did last year. I really thought they had a kick butt draft, but as we saw, we got almost zero help from last year's draft.

However, that being said.....

2012 draft could still end up amazing.

1. DeCastro - Could still be the perennial pro bowler he was believe to be. Why not?

2. Adams - Could still be an above average LT for the next decade.

3. Spense - If he recovers from knee injury, could still be a special player. He has all the intangibles and instincts and love to hit.

4. T'amu - We don't know. Was supposed to have all the tools needed to dominate at NT.

5. Rainey - Looked like he could have been a nice piece; perhaps they were too quick to dump him, the bigger charges on him were dropped to simple assault or something minor.

Plus Paulson could be decent.

I won't assume we hit the jackpot like I did after last year's draft, but I am not ready to give up on 2012 picks either.