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Thread: Does anyone here have any INSIDE information

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    I met James Harrison a year ago, he was nice enough to take a pic with me and a friend. I didn't ask him any specific questions regarding the Steelers, heck I thought it was cool just to get a pic.
    I had his 92 Super Bowl jersey on so that might have helped getting a shot with him.
    Anyway, even if someone knew a player on a personal basis I doubt that player is going to divulge inside info, where it could get out to the public.

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    I've known a handful of guys over the years - mostly nobodies. A guy with a SuperBowl ring. Another who I played basketball with prior to his time in the NFL. Another I met after his NFL days.

    They all had good stories. But I never hung out with anyone who was playing for the Steelers that had any inside info at the time. And I suspect the only guys that really know much of anything would be Rooney, Colbert, or Tomlin. So you'd need an in with one of those guys.

    Actually a friend of mine went to school with Tomlin. She showed me some old pics when the Steelers first hired him because she knows I'm a fan. But it's not like she kept in touch with him - although I did ask if she could hook me up with some tickets.

    When I lived in Pittsburgh, I do remember meeting quite a few players in and around town. The coolest guys played for the Penguins and we'd always run into a group of them at a few bars all the time during Jagr's early career. He was nuts. If the internet and cell phones were as prevalent back then as they are today, he would have gotten in so much more trouble than Ben.

    I also remember meeting a lot of guys around Latrobe during training camp or at the airports. I'd be curious if guys are as approachable/friendly now given the media, twitter, youtube, etc. Any of the people I've known, I've never pestered for inside info. Back then it was just cool to know somebody. It's been close to 20 years since I've lived in Pittsburgh and times have changed. But back then, I remember players kinda like normal people. But there's no way these guys could act normal unless they're complete unknowns.

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    I have no connections personally, but there is someone on here who claims to have been inside the weight room at the Steeler practice facility (fo wheel!). I would say more, but I don't want anyone accusing me of making ad hominem attacks or straw man arguments.
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    My cousin and her ex-husband used to hang out with Faneca and I think maybe Keisel? quite a bit. A highschool friend of mine regularly babysat for Jerame Tuman.

    Me? I lived down the road from Gary Anderson and my mom did some sewing for him or his wife. I saw Faneca at the movie theater, and Max Starks walking in to Target. I delivered flowers to Aaron Smith and Heath Miller's houses. My mom delivered flowers to a bunch of other guys on a weekly basis. I think Rod Woodson helped jump our car in a WalMart parking lot when I was very very young.

    I'm totally connected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    My Mom routinely runs into Jason Gildon and she sees a bunch of the other Steelers at the gym in the offseason from time to time including, among others, Ziggy and Chris Hoke. This great connection has yielded zero inside information for me.
    if ziggy goes to the same gym as your mom, then i think we've found what's wrong with the guy

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    I once drank beer with Dwight White for 3 hours with a bunch Steelers players in the room after the 75 year anniversary award show. Very random. Oh and I walked around wearing the head of securities SB 40 ring on. Best night of my life! Other than that I just have "sources" like most of the local media
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    Chadman has taps on both Tomlin & Colbert's phones, but other than that, nothing.
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    I played ball and went to college with the last CFO of the NFL, I also played ball with an OC for one of the teams in Florida. My sister dated and almost married one of Brett Favre's centers a few years back. I just ran into Robert Griffith who I played Pop Warner with and High School ball against at a function thrown by Marshall Faulk. The strength coach for the Super bowl Champs was my strength coach in college, and I currently coach pop warner with a guy who played for Andy Reid at UTEP and was Sean Kuglers roommate on the road in college, and my son who just got certified as a personal trainer worked out with a current d line man for the Detroit Lions today....and yet I have no inside information on anything.

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    I have a family member that plays for the Pats. I know, I know...I'm as disgusted as you are!

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    I do know Carl Lee and Randy Moss. Moss's mother lives right across the street from my uncle, back in West by-God Virginia.


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