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I'm not sure I agree with the fact the defense competed with the younger players. The beginning of the year without Troy and James the defense wasn't exactly killing it. As Harrison worked back to health and Troy got on the field late in the season the defense was beginning to dominate some games. I'm not sure I'd credit the young guys a whole lot yet.

Exactly. If we have a bloodletting on D we can still be in the top 15-20 probably. However, losing the talent we'll be losing on the O doesn't make me optimistic for a unit that was already only 21 in scoring. Ben and a healthy OL can get 5-6 wins even without Mendy or Wallace. I'm not confident in much more if we unload as much talent and leadership as it is reported. I don't want to hear about "addition by subtraction" either. That's hokum and nothing more, IMO.