It must suck to be the 'inocent' victim of abuse...

Stick to the subject at hand, or shut your stink hole.
You'd be embarrassed if you only knew. But live in ignorance. It works for you
Do you have a reading and comprehension problem?
Now, do you want to discuss the ACTUAL POINT or just mindlessly blather about?
Hahahhaah, what bothers you is you know you are light years away from any from this, if you can even see your feet. Go ahead and hate; it's all you got, after all.
And, just checking into the reality zone, I am guessing that a poster who self proclaims size by inserting "BIG" into his self-given screen name might be the one who is self-aggrandizing; after all, we must all picture some super gargantuan guy since he does incorporate the word "big" into his name. Keep going. Your insecurities become more glaring every post. But, after all, you are "big."
Do you know more than the leading strength and conditioning coaches in the US? What does your issue of "health and Fitness" say?
So in your bizarro world,
What color is the sky in your world? Next, should I need to prove that water is wet and fire is hot?
Wow. So innocent are we that we forget who got condescending and who was reactionary. I guess an Ivy League degree doesn't make one omnipotent. Instead of attacking the poster, refute the assertions, if you are capable. And I am sure you must be, since anyone bragging of an Ivy League degree is without fault. Soak in the irony; those who have made ad hominem attacks, unwarranted, in the past, now complain of "condescending" attitudes. You are as pure as the white driven snow. Once again, I start an appropriate, on topic thread, and am not the one dealing with the personal attacks. Oh, and excuse me if I am to believe that MDs and lawyers are the foremost authorities in NFL training and conditioning. Oh wait, they aren't. Nor are "Ivy League grads." So take your "I am an Ivy League grad, so I am smarter than everyone" attitude and ride a pony.
ad hominem attack or not, you're a douche.

Probably would use another d word that finishes with head, but you'd run off & dob to the mods, no doubt.