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Question: NO ONE has answered this, our OL injuries waiting to happen.

I don't believe anyone can answer that until a detailed investigation is put into play. The FO alluded to the rash of injuries and they also are looking into why they occured on a consistent basis.
Injuries are part of the game as we know, but when you have the amount we had especially on the o-line for the last three years something is wrong, it can't be just by accident.

I think the FO is very concerned about this, and will take the steps to find out the reasons to the best of their ability. The findings could make an impact on reducing these injuries not only for the Steelers but other teams as well.
Here is this.


I don't know what they are thinking but they have players lifting the day after a game. Huh? They say "unless you are too sore, and if so wait another 24 hours." Huh? Most NFL players say it takes them an hour just to get out of bed. Who on God's green earth isn't too beat up the day after the game to lift? And this specifies football "pros" so it's not just addressing pee wee players.

But I think it's safe to say: If Pgh is having it's players doing heavy squats, dead lifts and clean and jerks during the season, we can start to figure out their injury problem right there.