As I was watching the Super Bowl, and obvious trend played out in front of my two eyes: Both SF and Balt. could run plays and fully expect their OL men to not fall down with an injury every other play. They are able to play football and not suffer injuries all over the OL. As a matter of fact, I believe SF has played EVERY DOWN this year with the exact same OL in tact. EVERY down.

We have ALL lamented over our OL injuries. but I want to know why; why do our OLmen regularly fall down to injury? What is Pgh doing wrong? I am no longer going to write it off to just bad luck. There must be a reason Pgh has so many injuries. What kind of training do they have these guys doing? Are they over-working them in the weight room, leading to injuries? I have yet to hear what Pgh does specifically in the weight room, which could lead to this. For instance, do they have the fellas lifting free weights, in the power rack (squats, dead lifts) adding further stress to their legs. leading to injuries from over-working the knees, ankles, etc? Some trainers/coaches believe hitting heavy weights during the season, and preseason for that matter, just puts too much stress on the joints, ligaments, etc. and will lead to injuries. Are the Steelers clueless on this front? It is highly possible, as something is being done fricked up to make so many injuries occur.