Draftace is getting into the draft in earnest finally. This is their post all-star game mock. But 1st a sort of experiment. They say you cannot judge a book by it's cover which is probably true but it occurred to me that if you were like waiting in line to see a movie premier or something and a famous NFL star was right behind you for an hour or so, you would probably have no idea who he was.

Anyway, Draftace is one of the few sites that puts a picture of the player with his scouting report. I was wondering "Which one or two of these players would you draft just off his pic."

Oh, I got the idea looking at the players picked in rd1 and noticed quite a few of them were players many on the board were considering picking.

I am going to try and add these players scout report and pick # in another post. Uhh! WTHeck if it will post I might just as well put in the entire rd. It will be easier to do.