The reason I said, we need to hit it big in the draft is we have more than a few positions that need filled, and that historically the Steelers don't look at FA's as a solution especially this year with the cap issues.
This paticular year expect a higher amount of turnover than in the past, even Colbert alluded to that when he said we were 8-8 with the players we have doing nothing won't help us so changes will be made.
Ed Bouchette who seems to have more inside information than most writers calls it the March Massacre in a article I read, he said if you think last years was bad wait till this time around.

If you put it all together more new faces will be wearing the Black & Gold and some vets and popular ones might not be here as we enter the 2013 season. We have to hope some of our second and third year draft picks step up in combination of finding the right picks in this draft, not only for this year but next year too. There is an opportunity for a new player to get a starting position if he's good enough, especially at RB and a WR and even TE. Its a bit tougher to find a starting role on defense, however the steelers need some quality depth at ILB,OLB and the D-line, players that could fill in this year if injury occurs and players that could compete for that starters role the following year.

We do have some bright spots, like our secondary that came on strong with Lewis and Cortez, and a young Offensive line, to build on for the future. We're ok with our safety's for now but you can bet we'll need to draft one this year to groom for either Troy or Clark, but as of now the LB position seems to be the priority moving forward on defense.

I expect improvement for the coming season, but will it be enough to secure a position in the playoffs I can't say, but improving this past season is a step in the right direction. We have a strong organization that's pretty consistent making the correct decisions to maintain a good team and taking steps to make the team better. There is some comfort in that, knowing they won't make knee jerk decisions that would undermine their goal of building a championship football team.

Maybe I'm taking a conservative approach to all of this thinking it may take a year or two in quality draft picks to turn things around, I just don't want to get my hopes up that it will happen overnight.
From what I'm hearing, more Steelers are starting their training earlier that usual, that tells me they are serious and want to correct this past season of underachievement, a good sign I would think.

It may take a year or two, but I'm confident we'll be back, and we win #7 before Ben hangs it up for good. Looking at the stretch this year before the injuries to our line and Ben the offense was doing pretty good so maybe a second year under Haley will make that difference.