I know the FO will do everything possible to improve the team, Rooney came out public and said this season is unacceptable and changes will be made.
He also said we better have the players to replace the ones that won't be here.

With the cap situation and few dollars to sign FA's its imperative we do well in the draft in order to improve as a team, even with that, the reality is we don't have enough quality players to step up and play at a high level.

You can't lose Harrison, Mendy, Wallace, three of your O-lineman, and expect to compete for a championship. Oh, we'll be competitive but I thinks its going to take at least two great draft years to get back to be a playoff team.
If we lose Colon, Starks, and Foster who in the hell is going to play on that o-lin e if someone gets injured?

Who do we have that can take James Harrison's place?

We'll need another receiver but who will be as good as Wallace right away?

I didn't even mention RB, or the possibility of Foote leaving so as you can see they have their work cut out for them.