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Big Rob is probably close to the mark- every report BEFORE this one says that the deal Wallace turned down was very similar to the one Brown signed.

Chadman is very concerned that a WR group of Brown, Sanders & Cotchery isn't going to give Ben enough to work with. Any rookie brought in will sit no higher than 3rd on the depth chart, and chances are they will be less effective than Wallace was in 2012. Whichever way you look at it- the WR's will not be a 'better' group in 2013, and on top of this- we have no reliable ground game.
Chadman, you may be right especially considering that Heath Miller may not be back at all next season, or if he is, he'll be recovering.

However, don't underestimate a rookie WR's (or TE's) potential impact. It is one of the easiest positions for rookies to make an impact at. If one shows great promise, he will see the field, and they will find playing time for him. Cotchery is not unreplaceable and Sanders is often hurt.