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I agree chadman. I'm willing to give rogers a bit of a pass on his TN days. He looked to me like a kid who was crying for discipline, but who had maybe the worst coach in tenn history in derek dooley. I mean this guy was clueless. From everything I heard rogers was a pretty good student and was basically an immature kid, but not a real trouble maker. IIRC, he was a 5 star prospect when he came out of georgia.

he was very impressive at TN his sophmore year, especially after justin hunter was hurt early in that year vs. UF and TN had nobody on the other side. He still'produced in a big way against excellent competetion while teams tried to take him away. I agree that he may be a real star. I would take him in the 3rd if we don't draft a WR earlier.
Chadman would go so far as to take him in the 2nd to secure him. If the Steelers feel the same way is debateable... but if it were chadman... that'd be the WR he'd want.