Report: Mike Wallace turned down $10 million a yr deal from the Steelers
February 3, 2013
by Paul Jackiewicz
February 3, 2013

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it looks like the Steelers and wide receiver Mike Wallace will part ways with one another this offseason after he turned down a five-year $10 million contract offer last year.

They gave him their best offer last year, reportedly averaging $10 million annually over five years, and he turned it down. They stopped negotiating with Wallace once camp started and he did not show up, and quickly turned their attention to (Antonio) Brown. He signed a five-year contract for $42.5 million that included an $8.5 million signing bonus.

Itís pretty shocking that Wallace turned down such a generous offer. I would love to know how much money heís looking for. I canít imagine Wallace getting over $10 million per year deal from any team.