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Nah Felt- he's right. The only difference between 8-8 & winning the SB is removing Wallace & Mendenhall. They were the problem. But it's ok- they are leaving. As a result, there will be no more injuries. The OL will tranform into Pro Bowlers. The DL will give us flashbacks of Mean Joe. Harrison will magically get better, even as he gets older. The playcalling will be faultless. The upper management won't need to get involved in coaching hires & fires. Ben will never get hurt. Brown will live up to the $6.2m the team invested in him. Scrub RB's like Dwyer & Redman will eclipse anything Jerome Bettis ever gave the team. Ike Taylor will improve, at 34.

Steelers will go undefeated next year now.

Happy days.
Do they understand what straw man arguments are down under?