It wasn't an act. They weren't saying it just to say it. The Ravens, to a man, kept saying that they honestly loved each other, that the players and coaches all had each others' backs. To a man, with every question asked, what was revealed was that the team truly and immensely were brothers. No matter what questions were asked, no matter how directed to the person, not the team, they all answered in a team fashion.

The last few SB years, the Steelers had such unity. Last, and other recent disappointing seasons, they did not. It was obvious last year that some players were ticked off and bad apples. And, with Ben himself, it doesn't appear all the players are on board with him either.

If they don't get team unity fixed, they won't make any noise. Unity and chemistry is a must. Losing the Wards, Smiths, Farrriors has left us with hole in leadership and chemistry. If they don't fix that, nothing else will matter. And with Ben being an immature child, someone else is going to have to make this happen. I don't see an easy fix.