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Haley offence in KC was great one year. Yup one year. Guess who was the OC. Charlie Weiss. Regarding Top 5 RB well Steelers had 3 pro-bowlers on offense last season. So BA offense was great i guess. And what did Ben questioned?? Give more passes to Heath instead of UDFA RB??? Go more no-huddle?? Throw few more vertical passes??? Ben saved Haley's arse with out of the world 3rd percentage. Todd Haley neutered Mike Wallace. As i said if you think Todd Haley play calling towards the end of the season was out of the world well expect more 8-8 season. Even his own KC player (Brandon Carr) went on record that he knew what Todd Haley would do in that situation. Ben needs to learn new offense and its not easy at 31 but Haley himself need to start calling better games. As i said with better O-Line and running game play-action will come into picture.

Ben injury was a freak injury. He was not running around. If he threw the ball it could have been intentional grounding on 3rd down. In the hind sight he should have taken a penalty but taking a sack at that time was not a bad idea. Ben got injured on that play well tough luck i would say.
Amazingly, with how pathetic you say our offense was, Ben was having the best season statistically in his career until he got injured again while running around holding onto the ball.