Who will be more successful with their team moving forward from today? Although it pains me to say it, I think Joe Flacco, for several reasons:

1) Has played every game in his 5 year career - bodes well for the immediate future
2) Plays behind a much better offensive line - will help with #1
3) Benefits from a D that is highly skilled at taking the ball away - increased offensive opportunities
4) Plays with a stud RB - despite his playoff fumbling problems, Ray Rice is better than anyone we have, by far
5) His special teams units are always a threat to score. 'Nuff said about that one. We have no one dynamic on special teams, especially not Antonio "Field the punt at the 9 yard line" Brown
6) Has a better coach - I know Tomlin's been to two SBs, but it's feast or famine with him. He lacks consistency. I believe Harbaugh, while unlikeable, is a much tougher coach and a better in-game decision maker.
7) Plays with young, athletic corners who help get the D off the field on third down

Lastly, he benefits from a D that can pressure the QB

Those are the immediate reasons that come to mind. If I had to pick Ben or Joe from this day forward, I'd have to go with Joe.

What do you think?