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"2008 — Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois (23) — Worst pick of the Kevin Colbert era. Highly regarded RB prospect, surprisingly available at 23, tremendous cutting/acceleration skills, entered draft too early, somewhat aloof, not ideally physical enough for every-down NFL back, played best ball during 2010 season that helped team reach Super Bowl."

Worst pick of the Colbert era? How quickly people forget. Mendenhall might not be everyone's idea of the 'ideal Steeler', but geez, he's nowhere near as bad as people want to make him out to be.

Here's betting if his viewpoint on Sept 11 was more in keeping with what the majority of society wanted him to believe, then this sort of crap about him being a bad draft pick would be more muted.
Colbert has been GM since 2000. What picks were worse than Mendenhall in that span? The only one I see is Simmons. Only other possible argument (and it's too early to tell, really) is Hood or Heyward. No other picks are as bad as Spindenhall.