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While Chadman can understand that Mendenhall wasn't what people hoped for- is that Mendenhall's fault, or are we too busy trying to find another Bettis?

Mendenhall had 5 seasons in Pittsburgh. We can write off 2008 due to the broken collarbone, and we can write off 2012 due to the knee issue & what seems to be disenchantment with his place in Pittsburgh's roster this season.

2009 gave us 1100+ yards at 4.6 ypc & 7 TD's, while adding 25 catches for 260 yards & another TD. That's a pretty good year right there.

2010 we got 1270+ yards at 3.9 ypc & 13 TD's, while adding 23 catches for 167 yards. That's pretty good too.

2011 we got 928 yards at 4.1 (remembering he missed the last game with his injured knee) & 9 TD's along with 18 catches for 150+ yards.

That's 3 productive seasons there. And while we can often forgive Ben for his sacks due to the OL's ineptness, can't we attribute some blame to them for some of Mendenhall's failings?

One last thing on Mendenhall, why was he the one that had to sit a game due to the fumble-a-thon in Cleveland when Rainey, Brown, Sanders, Dwyer & Redman got to play the next week? They ALL fumbled that game away, yet Mendenhall takes the fall?

While it was unprofessional to miss standing around the sidelines that next week, one does have to wonder if there was an element of victimisation going on there too.
Good points. People have come to believe that Bettis is the standard for Steelers RBs. If you have been a long time fan, you know that isn't the case. Bettis is a once in a lifetime back who could deliver and absorb punishment as well for as long as he did. Most RBs who run like Bettis are out of the league in 4 years and that is why he was so unique and deserves to be in the HoF.

Our backs gpoing forward are going to be more like Mendy than Bettis. Get use to it. Mendy had some very good and effective seasons. If he ever had a chance to run behind the OL that Bettis did, people would be singing a different tune about him and he would be very favorably viewed.