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I think that if Spence doesn't get hurt last year then he would have had an opportunity to make a difference. I could see a first rounder able to make an impact this season at NT, RILB, RCB (assuming that Lewis leaves), and maybe LDE. For many years we had the lethal combination of grade A starters at almost every position - A. Smith, Casey, Troy, Ike, Harrison, Farrior etc. with several solid system players - Foote, Clark etc., and a unique system that no college or pro teams were running. That made it difficult for a rook to crack the starting lineup. Now we have a weaker unit as a whole, combined with positions becoming available, and a system that is not as unique as it once was.

A first rounder will have a chance to start at any position other than OLB or SS.
A lot of colleges now run 3-4s. I am so sick of this coaching staff being so gad damn arrogant about their OLBs and their system. THIS JUST IN: It ain't that special or fantastic. A talented rookie could play OLB season 1. It's brain surgery, no matter how hard you try to pretend that it is. If you have a rookie who can rush the QB, but him in there and let him do that. They make this more complicated than it needs to be, without getting any benefit out of doing so. They act like Dick and his system should be worshiped like they are holy or something. Madness and stupidity.