I know some of you hate Bleacher Report, but they offer some interesting choices
for Pgh's draft.


Dion Jordan has freak athletic ability. But guess what? We have to go through the freaking transformation of having to switch his positions AND he needs surgery that he will have after the combine. So, he is somewhat of a risk, but at 6-6, 250, he has freakish long arms and speed for his size. He has a huge upside. I guess I'd be willing to take the risk.

In the 2nd round, if could get Phillip Thomas, I'd be all over that too. The guy is a ball hawk and would be a much needed boost in our backfield.


If we could pick up Joe Randle in the 3rd, I'd take him. He is a bit on the small side, but that doesn't mean he can't ball. He has great instincts and a nice burst. Anything to improve our crap 3.7 aypc would help. I think this kid could start immediately.


They have us going with QB Matt Scott, AZ, but in all honesty, we have too many needs to take a QB in the 4th. I definitely want a young QB on the roster, but in the 4th round, I'd rather see them go WR (assuming they go OLB, S and RB in the first 3 rounds). Da'Rick Rogers could be ideal. 6-3, 210, who can fly. Not afraid of contact, fights for the ball. He would give us that big, fast target who can jack Ds up. Has character and hippie lettuce concerns, but I say roll the dice.