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"This is a weak QB class and teams know it." Because of this, it could make some teams think about taking one or both of those QB's way ahead of where they should go. Examples- Ponder to Minn. 2 yrs ago, and the dude Miami took last year--- told ya'll I am terrible with names...
Hmmm.....I would remind you that Ponder didn't go top 10.

I also would like to ask you why you think two QB's going in the top ten would prevent two Franchise Left Tackles from going in the top ten? We've already looked at these teams and there is only one team that would benefit from not taking a Left Tackle. That is Cleveland because they have Schwartz and Thomas.

Every other team needs a left tackle still or another great tackle. Teams will not let someone this good slip through the top ten. They will also entertain a trade up into the top ten.

Your not getting Fisher at pick 11.