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..and also, by trading this years 3rd round pick, the Steelers could move up from their 2nd round pick as high as the #30 overall pick this year. And that is how they can get another plug and play, immediate return player in Kevin Minter. One draft, and two immediate impact players. And with the amount of compensatory picks coming next year, these two trades wont hurt the future of the Steelers or adding depth.
First of all, I just don't think this is realistic. You need other teams willing to trade with you too. I'd either stay put, or consider trading down with the intention of maybe getting a Kevin Minter at the end of the 1st round, IF someone down there has a willingness to move up. Even though your 1st pick in your mock has potential to be a great player, I just don't see the need for another OL in the first few rounds of this year's draft.

Trading down would really only net us an extra 3rd round pick probably, but the extra pick would allow us to fill another hole. WR, RB, etc.