- We went 1-1 against them.
- We barely lost to them with a back up QB who literally could not throw.
- We beat them with a 38-year-old, 3rd-string QB.

That being said, at the time we played them, both times, they were in a slump. Didn't they lose like 4 out of 5 in that stretch? They lost to Wash (play off team), Denver (play off team) and Cinci (play off team).

I think, when it comes down to it, Ray Lewis' retirement announcement did what it was designed to do: It inspired them to really give lights out effort. Keisel said he thinks it was similar to the 2005 season with the team playing for Bettis.

Bottom line: Balt. and Pgh's D are pretty equal. Their receivers were a tad better than Pgh's this year (with Wallace's lack of effort and bad attitude spoiling the team) and they definitely had a better rushing game, with Ray Rice and their OL being better than anything we could field. (Balt. 11th over all in rushing with a 4.3 apc and Pgh being 26th, 3.7 apc - LAME).

Right now, Flacco is playing better then Ben did at season's end, no doubt. But over all, I'd say the QB spot is about even.

However, even though it seems we aren't that far from being as good as Balt. our team is going to have a lot more losses with our players than they will. It seems likely that we will be looking up to them next year.