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Thread: Te'o tride to do marketing deal before fake dead girlfriend story came out

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    Te'o tride to do marketing deal before fake dead girlfriend story came out

    I don't care what anyone says. I'm not touching this guy with a ten foot pole before the 2nd or 3rd round. Too much fishy stuff going on. He knew about this way before anyone wants to admit he did.


    One of the lingering questions regarding the question-plentiful Manti Teo imbroglio arises from the decision to delay disclosing the fake dead girlfriend story long enough to be scooped by Deadspin.A league source tells PFT that the reason, as these reasons often do, arises from dollars and cents.
    Teo's camp, per the source, was attempting aggressively to nail down marketing deals before the story broke, with among other things major shoe and apparel companies. There was reluctance to proceed, given Teo's struggles in the BCS national title game and the uncertainty as to whether hell be playing for a high-profile team or a franchise that is an NFL afterthought.
    If one or more deals had been consummated, an interesting question would have arisen regarding whether the company would thereafter have attempted to kill the deal, once word of the fake dead girlfriend broke. On one hand, Teo apparently did nothing to violate the standard morals clauses contained in such contracts. On the other hand, the companies would have been frustrated, to say the least, by the fact that Teo's fame had quickly become notoriety.
    Moving forward, the question is whether Teo will have any value in the wake of one of the more bizarre stories in recent, or distant, memory.
    Here comes the BOOM!

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    from superstar to super bizarre in record time... not much to see here though. Feels like they are trying to squeeze every drop of blood out of this story.


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