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I wonder where Alfred Morris ranks? Oh wait, he went in the sixth round last year and went for 1,600 yards last year. IMO RB is the toughest position to grade because it can be so dependant on the players in front of you. For example - Do we know that Lacy is good because he did it against the best competition? Or do we not know because he got to run behind 5 guys who were pounding the D into submission for 60 minutes?

I remember when Ron Dayne came out and was drafted in the first round after piling up big numbers at Wisconsin. Any time I had seen the guy play I saw him rumbling through holes that 4 RBs could have run through side-by-side. Even looking back at the Mendenhall college tapes I saw him running untouched much of the time.
Good points, and I was wondering the same. If you have a terrific offensive line, even if you are playing against the best in the country, a hole is a hole.