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Thread: Keep your eye on RB Andre Ellington

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    You would take him over Lacy? I wouldn't. Half of these smallish speed guys never cut it. You just don't know until they are in the league. The best ever smallish back was James Brooks - 180 lbs but was still an every down back that could run through traffic (something Rainy could not do) and take it to the house. He played for SD and Cinci. I recall him blowing the doors off Rod Woodson, of all people.
    Obviously not if you look at my mock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anyone have any information on Isi Sofele, RB from Cal? Saw some video of him and for being 5'8" he weighs 200+ lbs. low center of gravity and ran hard with a burst.

    He is projected as an UDFA but looks interesting.

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    Found this youtube vid andre ellington vs auburn. It sort of killed 2 birds with one stone. #23 is AE and he is having a big day. But of course this is a vid featuring him. If I was interested in #23 I would be looking for vids where Clemson got smashed and see how he did in those type games.

    Meanwhile #55 is Corey Lemonier and he appears on screen at times seems to be watching the action.

    111 [URL=""]*Corey Lemonier[/URL] DE 12 Auburn Jr 6-3 242 3-4

    #55 4.78

    75 [URL=""]Andre Ellington[/URL] RB 4 Clemson rSr 5-10 197 2-3

    #23 4.32

    Hey, if they don't get Lacy they have to get someone. I'm with the group that does not think Mendenhall will be here next year. Even though there was an article in the Trib the other day hinting the opposite.

    Incidentally, I saw a vid from Pro Football Weekly talking about RB's. They mentioned only 3. Ellington was #2, sandwiched between Lacy and the Wisconsin back Ball.

    I saw in another thread someone was real high on Johnathan Franklin UCLA. I am now looking for a video showing UCLA vs Nebraska. I would like to take a look at Rex Burkhead. Sort of KTBirdsWOS again. I really have no idea what to look for in evaluating these backs but it is fun.

    91 [URL=""]Johnathan Franklin[/URL] RB 7 UCLA rSr 5-10 201 3

    #23 4.40

    199 [URL=""]Rex Burkhead[/URL] RB 17 Nebraska Sr 5-11 210 6

    #22 4.42

    This is the address of the AE vid. Maybe the link works.


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    If the Steelers are after a feature back in the mold of Jamaal Charles, would Oklahoma's Joseph Randle suit? He does a bit of everything and has competed at a high level, as a 2nd round pick- would he be worth a look?
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    Video of Isi Sofele's 190 yds rushing vs Oregon State.

    [url] YDhwSPgU[/url]

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    Hard to believe Isi S is ranked 496. I can't see the difference between him and most of the top ranked 2 to 10. As a matter of fact, the one that I liked the way he moved was Montel Harris who was ranked just a smidge above Isi S. I suppose it because they are 5' 8".
    496 Isi Sofele 4:40 RB 37 California Sr 5-08 205
    362 [URL=""]Montel Harris[/URL] 4:56 RB 26 Temple rSr 5-08 206
    Those times are probably unofficial. That is at least one good thing about the combine and pro days if nothing else, at least the info on the player is accurate. Both these very low ranked players are in the short video. I put the address maybe the link will work.


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    Yeah, not sure on the rankings. Like you said, the combine and pro days reveal a lot. I thought that even if we did go on a RB early in the draft, if Sofele is an UDFA it would be nice to lure him here. Put a little more weigh and muscle on him and he could be a 5'8" pinball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerkeylargo View Post
    Obviously not if you look at my mock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keylargo, why Lacy over Bernard?
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelblood View Post
    Keylargo, why Lacy over Bernard?
    Lacy has done it versus the best competition. He has low mileage too, which I know Colbert loves.

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    I wonder where Alfred Morris ranks? Oh wait, he went in the sixth round last year and went for 1,600 yards last year. IMO RB is the toughest position to grade because it can be so dependant on the players in front of you. For example - Do we know that Lacy is good because he did it against the best competition? Or do we not know because he got to run behind 5 guys who were pounding the D into submission for 60 minutes?

    I remember when Ron Dayne came out and was drafted in the first round after piling up big numbers at Wisconsin. Any time I had seen the guy play I saw him rumbling through holes that 4 RBs could have run through side-by-side. Even looking back at the Mendenhall college tapes I saw him running untouched much of the time.


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