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are you serious???
Who did the Bengals, Ravens and Browns sign to Future's Contracts the past few weeks that made them "Better"???
Exactly...every team is signing guys like this now (practice squad types to bring to check out during minicamps and OTA to determine if they are worthy to bring to Latrobe this summer). You can't sign vested veterans yet until free agency starts, so all that you can do is bring in guys who you bounced around on different teams practice squads. It's standard operating procedure in the NFL and we do it every year ...not sure why folks are getting their panties in a bunch over this guy in particular.

We already signed OL Joe Long and Justin Cheadle, wideouts Bert Reed and Derek Moye, and corners Isaiah Green and Ross Ventrone as well. Maybe one of them sticks. Maybe none of them do. But it's worth taking a look at guys like this, just in case you happen to come across a diamond in the rough (I like Jake Long's little brother...he was an excellent division II o-lineman that didn't quite have his brother's Michigan pedigree, which is why he was available to add to our practice squad late last season and then to sign to a futures contract for next year).

For what it's worth, here are the guys that we signed to futures contacts last year: OG John Malecki, TE Jamie McCoy, OT Chris Scott, OT Trevis Turner, DT Corbin Bryant, QB Jerrod Johnson, DL Mike Blanc, DT Kade Weston, LB Marshall McFadden and DB Antonio Smith.