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So an 8-8 team that just barely missed the playoffs has the 25th ranked OL in the league. This same OL should receive a significant boost next season. They have an incoming guard who is basically coming off of a redshirt year. Two young tackles who were suffering injuries but should come back healthy and ready to compete next year.

Now, I may have been the biggest (or at least one of the biggest) Starks supporters over the years, but I don't see him returning. That is a big minus IMO. I've never been much of a Colon fan so I see his loss as a wash - good run blocker but poor in pass pro and a penalty machine at any position.

When you consider the extra year of rest and experience for Pouncey, Adams, Gilbert, and Decastro, we should see an improvement. I can see an OL being the difference between 8-8 and playoff contender. Remember that the AFC representative almost lost to an injured Leftwich and did lose to a 100 year old Batch this year, so we might not be as far away as we think.
This is so very true. The Steelers aren't that far from the promised land. Even in the best years, a lot has to go right in order to go deep into the post-season. The added experience for this OL group will only help make the team that much better.