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But has it worked? Good intentions don't block the pass rushers or open holes in the defensive line. Until we see any of those players drafted excel as far as I'm concerned the problem isn't fixed. You have to look at this on how it is actually working not what past actions you took to fix it.
Gilbert and Adams only combined for something like 10 games this year. I would like to see Starks retained so that there is depth and competition at OT, but I supsect that the two second round OTs will open the season as starters. DeCastro also missed most of the year and was just getting his feet wet; I think we all anticipate improvement from him next year. Whether Foster, Colon or whoever else, you can get by with an adequate guard if the rest of the o-line is capable.

I'd most certainly rather not see Beachum or Legursky starting.