25. Pittsburgh Steelers (25)PB Ė 24th, RB Ė 30th, PEN Ė 18th

Stud: The best player on this line is Maurkice Pouncey (+5.4), though that speaks volumes about this line and less about him. He does his job, but unlike a lot of linemen in this league he doesnít pop out on tape as someone who makes a massive difference.

Dud: Itís nice to have a player who can play a number of positions, but the Steelers faithful must be hoping they donít see an awful lot more of Doug Legursky (-10.5).

Summary: Try as they might, the Steelers canít field a line that can pass protect and open up lanes. Thatís despite a significant recent investment of early-round draft picks. That said, this line was never about 2012, and hopefully a healthy unit next year will justify the hope.
I know some don't like PFF, but they are usually pretty spot on. A lot of the NFL teams use their analytics.

I think they pretty much have it right, this line has some potential in the future, but it was still bad this year due to injuries, etc..