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Thread: What He Said

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    My favorite run by Bettis was actually a screen pass for a TD vs the Cards in OT. I swear 2 or 3 DB's bounced off him on his way to the endzone... it looked like a man playing against children.

    Another favorite Bettis moment was watching him push Sapp when he tried to run through our warm ups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    IIRC, there was a turnover at the Offensive Coordinator position...Bettis' rookie year, Ernie Zampese was the OC for Chuck Knox in LA...Zampese went to Dallas, IIRC, and Bettis didn't fit the new OC's philosophy...

    Don't forget that they needed to make room for the great Lawrence Phillips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Don't forget that they needed to make room for the great Lawrence Phillips!
    Oh yeah...#6 overall, right?

    He was a hell of a player in NFL Europe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Biggest beef with the current crop of RBs the Steelers have, none seem to have the feet to make the somebody miss a tackle. It seems the first guy on the RB is the guy that makes the tackle, whether behind the LOS or 5 yds down field.
    My understanding is that there are no marquee RBs to be had in this year's draft, but maybe they can grab a hidden gem somewhere.
    Actually, I don't know what the definition of "marquee" RB is, but if Pgh drafts Lacy, Bernard or Ball, I think they will be all good to go at RB. And Bell, out of MSU, could be interesting. He is a 250 lb bruiser who could be nabbed in the 4th round I think.

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    Dear baby jesus.. please don't let the Steelers sign a big bruising back in hopes he will become the baby bus...

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    I know I'm in the minority here but I like our combination of Dwyer and Redman. I don't mind Dwyer as the starter and Redman spelling him after he runs a couple of plays. I go back to those 3 games in the middle of last season. Our offensive line had started to gel after playing some games together and Dwyer and Redman had become great weapons. Sure, neither of them will be a threat to take it to the house but neither was Bettis back in the day.

    Redman is a great pass protector and a good receiver. He even posted a hundred yard receiving game last year. Dwyer has good feet for a guy his size and he has left his cleat marks on many defensive backs who tried to take him on alone. We don't have a quick guy who can take it to the outside or be a threat to take the screen pass to the house. We are lacking in that area but Dwyer and Redman aren't bad building blocks. Maybe adding a guy like Denard Robinson in the draft would give them the versatility that they are currently lacking.

    I'm with Odi, we put together a great offensive line and Haley will seem like a Godsend, Ben will be an MVP candidate, the running game will open up the play action, and the receivers will be 10 times the threat they are today --- with or without Mike Wallace.


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