The Bus: One heck of a fall guyHow was Jerome Bettis able to play at a Hall of Fame level for 13 years weighing 250 to 265 pounds when nearly every other back over 240 pounds was a flash in the pan?
"There are two keys in the NFL for running backs," said Bettis, pictured at right. "You have to have the ability to make somebody miss. I don't care if you're 150 pounds or 250 pounds. If you can't make a guy miss, then you're not going to have a long career in the NFL because there's going to be situations where you have to make somebody miss in the hole, or something happens really fast where there's a guy in your face, if you don't have quick feet. If you don't have the ability to be elusive enough where you can make a guy miss in a small area, then you're not going to be effective.
"I was blessed with quick feet; I wasn't fast but I was quick.
"The second thing you have to understand: You have to know how to fall. Just do the math. If you carry the ball 25 times, 9 [games] out of 10, you're going to be on the ground 25 times. So you have to know how, with the football in your arm, how to fall, how to not break ribs, how to not separate your shoulder, how to be good going to the ground and not separating or hurting your elbow or breaking your wrist or something.

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Biggest beef with the current crop of RBs the Steelers have, none seem to have the feet to make the somebody miss a tackle. It seems the first guy on the RB is the guy that makes the tackle, whether behind the LOS or 5 yds down field.
My understanding is that there are no marquee RBs to be had in this year's draft, but maybe they can grab a hidden gem somewhere.