As this article suggested, the Steelers might be better off by moving Hood to NT and have Mclendon play end. I always believed Mclendon would be better at end, by making that move maybe we'll see more pressure on the QB.
Hood is strong enough to play the Nose, they were thinking of him playing it last season before Hampton took a pay cut.
As we enter the 2013 season it might not be a bad idea to at least attempt to try this option, let Hood compete for that position and see if its viable.

Heyward has to step up as he will be the replacement for Keisel, he didn't play well enough to beat out Keisel but then again he's not on the field as much.

If the Steelers are actually considering making the switch, they may be thinking Ta'amu might have too many legal matters to contend with and release him. Fangupo would be the backup to either Hood or Mclendon@ NT, so we'll see, any improvenment to get pressure on the QB will be welcomed.