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Thread: The steelers are done!!!

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    The steelers are done!!!

    Being the nice front office, they sent a message to the players, coaches, that 8-8 won't cut it. If we wind up with a similar season in 2013 MORE cuts will be coming AND some coaches jobs will be on the line.

    Sorry to alarm you with the title, but a lttle shock therapy may be in the works for the players, we the fans don't need shocked.
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    If we don't make big changes we will be done for the next couple of years. If we just make excuses about 2012 and say it was about injuries and just injuries we are missing the bigger issues on this team. Injuries were a factor but the reason we failed is because we are too reliant on too few players. Every team in the league deals with injuries. The Packers won the Super Bowl with like 12 players on IR a few seasons ago. Our problem is we don't seem to be able to respond to injuries and adjust. That is troubling.

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    The Steelers spent a lot of cash on players to keep the core in place, when you do that there is little left for quality depth as we seen with our LB's exclusively. Fans use to call the Rooney's cheap back in the day, but they are far from that and tried to pay their top players.
    When Harrison and Woodley were out the drop off was tremendous, and not making excuses but Steelers let Woodley play at 70 percent in that he wasn't really healed from his injury.
    Harrison was out for at least a quarter of the season, when he did come back he was only about 60%, and by the time he was in game shape the season was nearing end. He did come on at the end getting six sacks but to little to late.
    The Steelers organization is a strong one, they'll do the right things to make the team better as they have done for years. From what Rooney said and Colbert they are going to make changes but it won't be like what some think they will be, their not blowing this team up.
    Some restructuring of contacts, a few players willing to take a pay cut, possible FA signing in combination of finding the other pieces through the draft is what they will do.

    If you ask Colbert he will tell you, they are not letting injuries be the reason we are 8-8, they are not making excuses but saying they will do everything possible to correct this underachieving season.
    As fans we are disappointed in the outcome of this season, and make no mistake the front office is pissed. They believed like most Steelers fans we had the talent to compete for a championship and it's frustrating, but I have confidence they will right the ship.


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