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The Steelers very well could have a boat load of draft picks next year (2014). With possible losses in free agency of Starks, Wallace, Foster, Lewis, Foote, and Mendenhall, this could net a very descent return in compensatory picks. Lewis, Wallace, and Starks could even bring back a relatively high one. With the possibility of having 9-12 picks next year, the Steelers could very easily trade away a second or third rounder next year if they wanted to move up and draft a player like Eric Fisher or even Chance Warmack.
Hopefully they see a guy they have ranked so highly they can't help but go and get.

Big Rob said: Otherwise I prefer them to do the opposite. Trade back and get a crap load of extra picks this year. There is no clear cut top of the draft, but it is very deep. I would love to see them move back once or twice and get a bunch of extra picks.

Then use those picks this year and in next years draft to get young in a hurry again.

---I also would prefer the trade down idea this year. But the reality is if there is any trading it would be up. Every year a number of mocks suggest the trade down idea and they usually are very good, but someone will post that TS [the Steelers] have never traded their 1st rd pick down.[some later rd picks yes but not a 1st rd pick]Not sure if that is true or not but i do believe it.

Also a bit surprised Dee Dub came up with Mock 3.0 prior to todays Senior Bowl game. I kind of liked the positions drafted in 2.0 OLB, WR, SS/FS.[in any order] I don't do mocks but I was thinking that it would okay to somehow come up with prior to the 3rd rd. 3 players as alternates to Terrance Williams, Ezekiel Ansah and Rambo. They were Markus Wheaton, Alex Okafor, and Eric Reid. That was just in case the other 3 were drafted just ahead of when the Steelers picked. A trade down might not be needed but a trade up in rd 2 might be. What does anyone think of those players. They are all ranked in the 40-50 range except Okafor who is once in a while in the top 25.[but not always]

btw: Had TS taken Bobby Wagner as Big Rob suggested last season as the alternate if Hightower was gone then this years draft would be a little simpler.

I just don't see TS letting Starks go.
Think about this. The Steelers with compensatory picks are probably going to have 18-20 picks between now and next years draft. Trading down to add more picks is going to be a waste of some of those picks. No way do 20 plus draftees make the roster. It just doesn't happen.