OK, let me get this straight. We had the #1 D (yes, based in yards, yes we need more sacks and turnovers, but still, the D was NOT our main problem), and the 26th rated rushing attack, and we were 22nd in points scored....and drafting an overrated, lying (mental illness?) ILB in the first round makes the most sense?

Hellzzzz no. I say trade down, get an extra 2nd or 3rd, grab the BAP and RB Lacy. Our rush was laughable and a lot had to do with the OL, play calling and, at RB, a plodder (no way a legit NFL starting back), a midget (who isn't even on the team) and a fat, lazy guy, who has some talent but zero drive. Think we could use a RB to spark the offense? I like Lacy a lot.