Including ME.

When Tomlin considered him there was a collective NOOOO from this board

On NO topic was there greater consensus.

We all thought Peyton "made him"
Heck Peyton called his own plays

After JC was made OC, Flacco had ONE bad game, the first game.

Since then Flacco has killed it.
He has been every bit as effective as any QB in this league
Better than the rookie phenoms
Better head to head than the reputed two best to get to the SB
ZERO postseason picks, 8 TDs.

Only ONE pick PERIOD since JC was made OC

Ravens O has NEVER looked better
Flacco has NEVER been more consistent
Run game STILL flourishing
OFFENSE for the first time is why the Ravens are successful

They are where we want to be, directly because this team is a different beast due to Caldwell.
NO WAY this team wins a shootout versus Peyton like they did, Peyton STILL owns the Ravens defense.

Shows what we dumb message board types really know.