As we look forward to the draft, there are some unanswered questions on how this team will improve for 2013.
This paticular draft might be the most important one in several years for the Steelers, I'm hoping we get it right on who we select and that they can impact our team in a good way.

The challenge is going to be huge for our team to overcome all the issues and even if they do, the coaching staff will have to do the best job humanly possible so the team can rebound from a season fans would like to forget.
The message Colbert gave was sobering, but I don't think his plans are to blow up the Steelers roster. He put the players on notice that a 8-8 record is unexceptable, and by not doing anything roster wise we could repeat that record or even worse.
He didn't specify who will be here and who won't only that there will be changes, now those changes could come in the form of restructuring contracts, players taking a pay cut and in some cases released or traded.

My concern is we have more than one or two holes to plug, we have very little if any cash for FA's, so we might have to rely on signing our own in combination of the draft.
I know the FO and Colbert will do everything possible to correct the issues, but it might not be enough, we have some serious issues and they won't be fixed in just one year IMHO.

This should be a wake up call for all involved, the direction of our team will hinge on what they do in the next several months not only for 2013 but beyond, so it is my hope we succeed.