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It doesn't matter where they were picked the day after the draft. What matters is the performance on the field. Right now we aren't getting that and if it means we have to add more talent then chock that up as a lesson learned and fix the problem. Don't ignore real problems or minimalize them because of who and when we drafted in the past---it is still a problems for any number of reasosn: injuries, coaching, etc.

According to that logic we shouldn't draft another defensive lineman in Round 1 or 2 for at least a few more years. That is just crazy logic to me.
It's not crazy logic. It does matter where they got picked especially when you drafted a Guard and OT 1st and 2nd last year. If they think DeCastro is a bust then yea... draft Warmack.

Warmack won't be the pick. As JPN said... it doesn't make sense for the future of this team. What happens when these guys are due their 2nd (most lucrative) contracts. This brings me back to my original post... Let's say they all turn out to be good starters. You can't sign all of them. So, the team is just wasting these picks (1st and 2nd rounders) knowing that they'll only be on the team for their rookie contracts. Thats basically wasting a pick.