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M.P.--a couple of years ago I was singing that song loud and clear too but I think the increased emphasis on passing over running and more passing on first down has changed that. You need better talent across the OL for pass protection against better pass rushers. Mid to late round guys rarely help now unless you get lucky.

I won't say we drafted bums because I don't think we have an adequete sample size of these guys staying healthy to say anything. But I don't think we can ignore the position just hoping all wil be well. If there is top OL talent at #17 we have to consider that for the long term and depth.
By bums I just meant the Tony Hills of the world....like these dudes...

6 196 Keith Williams G Nebraska
5 151 Chris Scott T Tennessee
7 226 A.Q. Shipley C Penn State
4 130 Tony Hills T Texas

5 156 Cameron Stephenson G Rutgers