Pgh is known for its low-key (virtually non-existent) role in free agency. But this year? I think they better be a little more active than usual. Not only did this team not have a winning record, but all indications are that it is headed further downward as opposed to on the rise, if they don't take some actions, as Colbert has noted.

Here are the list of free agents. Here is what I propose to go after.


We need a back up who can play longer than one game before getting hurt. Neither Leftwich or Batch is that player. I think Matt Moore is an underrated QB and he is younger than 40. I would like to see him and a rookie added to the QB unit. If not Moore, what about Chase Daniel? Didn't he look pretty good when he's been in there? Does he have a high possible upside?

The other spot that I think we must add someone is RB, as well as draft one. The one thing I don't want them to do is to sign an older player on his downside, who will still be expensive like Steve Jackson. Or one who will cost a lot but not be a difference maker, like Reggie Bush.


Bernard Scott - has hurt us a few times. Still relatively young.
Jalene Parmele - runs hard. Has some power.
Peyton Hillis - don't know how much he has left; big backs are used up quickly not named Bettis.
Jackie Battle - big back, seems to produce when given a chance.
Justin Forset - almost 6 ypc last year, entering his prime.

I am not listing restricted free agents, as they cost too much and we can't afford to lose draft picks.

At WR, I just am not seeing much who would be inexpensive but worth signing. Except maybe ...

Kevin Ogletree - He had 32 grabs for 436 yards and 4 TD, over 13 ypc avg. And he had to try to get balls with Dez Bryant, Jason Whitten and Miles Austin on the field, which is no easy task. I think the kid has skills and would add to our WR unit.