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Thread: Larry foote stays or goes?

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    Larry foote stays or goes?

    I have my own opinion on this but before I explain it, it seems some fans would like to run him out of town thinking they can replace him through the draft easily. Of all the players that the Steelers won't sign or release, I really believe larry has the best chance to stay.
    Spence from what I'm hearing isn't fully recovered from his injury and the one he sustained is a serious one that could impact his pro career. Even if he rebounds, he still has no experience and I would think the Steelers would play him mainly on special teams and possibly alternate with either Foote or Sylvester.

    I don't think the Steelers are too thrilled with Sylvester, so it looks like ILB will be one of our draft picks. There is some uncertainty whether Spence will recover, their opinion on Slyvester which leads me to believe Larry will be back for one more season.

    Larry won't wow anyone with his coverage skills but he still was decent in other duties of that position, led the team in tackles, had 4 sacks and I think he picked one off. I think the Steelers plan was to have spence play special teams and groom him for the ILB spot by alternating with him later in the season to see if he was their answer. They did that with Farrior his last season, alternating with Foote.

    Larry still wants to play and he wants to play here, if it doesn't pan out for him he'll retire. I think he'll accept a one year contract offer and most likely remain here as the Steelers want some kind of stability there until a new guy is able to take over.

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    He stayed healthy last season, knows the defense, and has a cap friendly contract. Spence may still not be 100% from injury.

    No brainer, he stays.

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    Larry's the most underrated guy on the team. He's not the biggest, fastest, or strongest guy on the field. But he might be the smartest. I think Spence needs to learn from him. When we drafted Spence, I thought he's Larry Foote with speed and power. I even think we can get a couple more years out of Larry and when Spence takes over, Foote can backup both ILB positions.

    Another point to consider - how many guys on this team have the personality to be a leader? Larry's one of the few and I wouldn't take him out of the locker room for that reason alone.

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    Foote is a free agent and I would retain him on a qualified veteran contract, which would give him a very minimal cap hit. Larry Foote has his deficiencies, but he knows the defense well and at times played very well last year.

    The Steelers typically don't go into the draft with glaring holes on the roster. Resigning Foote does not preclude the Steelers from drafting a linebacker high, and a young linebacker, either Spence or a new draft pick, could learn a lot from Foote.

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    I think he stays for another year...I don't think we have a replacement at this point.

    Spence missed the entire year and from what I understand his injury was severe. Who knows if he will be ready to play next season....

    Sylvester cant seem to stay healthy.

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    Stays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there now my message is over 10 letters)
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    You would like to have him here. Will he sign a 1 year? Maybe he is looking for a multi year. Given his tenure...Can the Steelers afford a vet min in the 1 mil range? There is a roster credit for vet salaries but I think it is also beyond the dollars given the situation.

    Here is what I think. This holds true for many of the Steelers UFA. Guys like Starks, Pope, Burress, Hampton, Johnson, Foote, Allen, & Mundy won't be signed by the Steelers leading up to the draft unless they are dirt cheap. In years past it was the opposite. They would Fill holes before draft. Don't forget, a player's min is based on accrued years. They already have a min contract amount attached to them. So they know where signing them will scale out.

    How the draft falls impacts many of the above names. The Steelers will get their current roster, draft choices, & UDFA through mini camp. They will evalaute those players & the health of Spence & Miller. Spence & Miller both might be PUP players. Then the second wave of FA will start and that is when the decision will be made.

    I think their 51 will be low balled without vets (March). This needs to be done for RFA & so they could get Lewis locked up (Pre Darft). After they do that, the Steelers will see where they are at. We all assume Wallace, Mendy, & Foster are as good as gone. It may be getting to this point where the Steelers will know even if they CAN afford any of them. They may also be all of the market. No matter what happens, after an 8-8 year with several years of paying for a winning aging vet core...You have to get the young guys on the field. In my opinion, there is no other direction to go at this point.

    Best way I could sum up the Steelers situation right now? Excluding Roethlisberger......

    Every player over 30 is a stone and every player in their twenties is air in the raft.
    1.Vander Esch / Evans ILB
    2.Harrison / Bates S
    3.Nwosu OLB
    5.Kalen Ballage RB
    5.Lazard WR
    7.Franklin-Myers DE
    7.Frazier DT

    ILBs Off Board:
    1.Reid S
    2.Hubbard OLB
    3.Avery / Sam ILB
    5.Kalen Ballage RB
    5.Lazard WR
    7.Franklin-Myers DE
    7.Frazier DT

    ILBs Reid & Landry Gone...Wouldn't Surprise me:
    1.Gesicki TE
    2.Jefferson LB
    3.Pettis WR
    5.Watts S
    5.Hines RB
    7.Kalambayi OLB
    7.Ford DT

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    Stays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there now my message is over 10 letters)
    Annoying, isn't it?

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    Go...please go!! Having the most tackles on the team means very little to me when he is usually getting those tackles 5-8 yards deep into Steeler territory. The missed tackles and the blow coverages stick out more to me. I personally do not want mediocrity at the center of the Steelers defense. That's just me. And I believe that if there was viable run stuffer next to Timmons, LeBeau would be more inclined to turn Timmons loose more often. Big picture.
    Steelers 2015 Draft???....Go Freak! As in....

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    We need to quit hanging onto these players until all four wheels fall off. When the first wheel gets wobbly we need to get rid of them. Get young players out on the field and see what they can do so we can make informed decisions about whether they are part of the solution or the problem and make informed personnel decisions going forward.

    Long way to say good bye Larry


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