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By the way, where do you see him as 24 years old? I have read that his birthday is Jan. 1991. That would make him 22.
The kid has the makings to be special. However, I have to see him in position drills at OLB before I say he is a fit. He is a hell of an athlete but again, lack of football reps could expose his instincts when he stands up. If the Steelers have ANY plans of 4-3 in the future...Than absolutley yes! When you watch him...He is one of those kids coming out where you just see where he excels & that is on the LOS. He is disruptive and causing match-up problems run or pass. You put him outside shoulder of an OT when you stand him up...His impact may be less.

As far as his age, I heard he will be 24 in may. I think his birthday is 5/29/1989.