This guy is raw no doubt but I can think of a lot of other words that describe him as well. Disruptive. Quick. Tenacious. Strong. Resilient. Versatile. He played all over the D-front for BYU this past year. Take a look at this clip. Especially the following plays....

1:43 standing up off the edge. OLB/DE. Sack.

2:46 being double teamed by the LT and LG. Never gives up on the play and breaks through for the sack.

3:56 1st down and goal. Shoots through the gap, comes down the line and makes the tackle for loss.

4:00 2nd and goal (the very next play on the same goal-line drive), manages to get through the gap again (this time being held), and yet trips up the back for a tackle for loss.

8:15 standing up inside at DT, he then drops into coverage on a swing pass out to the flat and closes in on the RB and makes the tackle. Tremendous instincts and closing speed.

This guy has played football all of 3 years. This past year was the very first time he ever started. He is going to continue to improve. He has a chance to be a major force in the NFL. I would love to see him off the edge in a 3-4.