So, the fellas on NFL Network were chatting after the games last Sunday. Someone asked if Joe Flacco was now considered an elite QB and Deion said that, no, he wasn't until he won a ring. He said all of the current elite QBs have won a ring(s), citing Rogers, both Mannings, Brady and Brees, making no mention of Ben. And then Rich Eisen asked, "what about Big Ben" in which Deion "seemingly" gave a half-hearted "yup" but it didn't feel like he meant it that much.

So, once again, every time elite QBs are brought up, they typically don't include Ben.

I used to have a problem with that.

I'm not sure I still do.

Yes, he won 2 rings and made it to a 3rd SB. Does that ALONE give him the status of an elite QB? Normally, I'd say it does. But, to be honest, he was outplayed in every SB he was in. Vs. Seattle he was awful; they won IN SPITE of Ben, not because of him. Vs. AZ, had Harrison not taken the pic 6 100 yards, they'd have lost that one. Vs. GB he had the chance to be clutch and win the game, and he was major FAIL.

And, if you are making a list of the QBs that are elite, in the here and now, I really don't know if he qualifies. I would take many QBs before I'd take Ben on an NFL team. If you consider his play since the GB SB, how well has he played, really? Take off the blinders and really consider which QBs he is really better than. Considering the play offs, I would rank the following ahead of the CURRENT BB.

Peyton Manning
Eli Manning
Kaepernick - I don't care if he hasn't won a ring yet, he will, and he is better than BB right now.
Flacco - Can't argue with his play this season - he is better than BB right now.
Russell Wilson
Ryan Matthews - You can say he hasn't won anything but it's not his fault. He has been a prolific passer, it's his D that lets him down in the post season. He put up 24 and lost to SF. They had a 17 point lead and blew it.

Let's also not forget: Ben had the post season in his grip and he failed the two chances he had against Dallas and Cinci. That is hardly clutch. The clutch Ben may be gone forever.