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Thread: Can you imagine if Colin Kapernick chokes......

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    Can you imagine if Colin Kapernick chokes......

    The niners are down by big time, thanks in part to two CK pick sixes.

    On one of CKs famous runs he is hit injured and fumbles the ball.
    Ravens up by 30 at halftime almost exclusively due to CKs mistakes.

    The forgotten one, Alex Smith brings them ALL THE WAY BACK, the biggest comeback in SB history!
    He takes a 3 point lead as the game winds down.

    It is knee down time.

    Alex Smith is hiked the ball, and ever so slowly, ever so deliberately, places the football on the turf, allowing the Ravens defense to pick it up and take it in for a game winning score.

    Would you consider it, if just for a moment, if you are Alex Smith?

    I probably wouldn't, but part of me would love to do it if I was him.
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    Really Dude???
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    Really Dude???
    Said I would CONSIDER it, most certainly.

    Not in long term interest to DO it, but the thought would come up.

    My heart would be DO IT.

    My head would say, my personal value goes up if I win the game, so I would not actually do it.

    But while I do think the move to CK is working out well, I would be bitter were I Smith. Smith did all he could to get to the SB last year and the vaunted DEFENSE let him down. Alex was pure postseason MONEY.

    Now if they win it looks like they fixed this team with a QB change. THE QB AINT WHAT KEPT THEM OUT LAST YEAR.

    'No matter the result if I am Smith I think, "I could have got us here too" whether it is true or not.

    So if I bring this team back, after the kid failed and I am about to hand THIS COACH who did not believe in me a victory, yeah I would WANT to show him "I could have won it" then take sweet victory away from him.

    But it would tarnish MY legacy, hurt my teammates, and hurt my value, so I would not.

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    Count me down as one that thought Alex Smith got SCREWED.

    I don't like the Harbaugh's because I think they are both crybabys. However, I must say, going with Kaepernick was extremely ballsy and worked out in his favor. If it didn't... I could have cost him his job in the long run.

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    Wow CL. Couldn't sleep last night?
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    Smith did get hosed.

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    Really, CL???? I don't care how much I was screwed. If I had the chance to be on the field as the WINNING QB in the Super Bowl, NO WAY. NO MAN would consider laying the ball down for the other team to win. I GUARANTEE that Alex Smith never considered it!

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    I realy like it .I appericate this thread.Awesome! Thanks for that!


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