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Thread: How could teams like the 49ers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Pittsburgh View Post
    A lot of the younger players we have selected in the draft aren't very good and didn't live up to expectations that come with their draft position.
    How many great players on the 49er's weren't either acquired in FA/trade or selected early in the draft? Bowman was a 3rd round pick. I'd have to go over their entire roster but for the most part they were pretty bad for a while and had a bunch of high picks. Hitting on guys like Patrick Willis. The Seahawks have hit on some later guys but the fact that both of these teams had 4 or more down seasons in a row has certainly helped their case.
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    I wouldn't want to endure the amount of losing seasons they have had in order to rebuild. We have managed to maintain winning while still getting some good players in the draft. That said, those teams have been hitting on mid-round picks and we have failed miserably in that area recently . Look at the drafts from '06 and '08. Horrible.

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    One thing I noticed in the SF game is Gonzalez abused Willis all day... Gonzalaez is a beast.


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